Chances at top 10 med schools?

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Jun 7, 2015
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MCAT: 40 (14/13/13)
GPA: 4.0

-3 years research- 1,000 hours, one second author pub.
-volunteering at hospital- 100 hours
-clinical/shadowing stuff- 200 hours
- teaching assistant- 300 hours
-NIH postbac IRTA upcoming year
- ECs are pretty cookie cutter.

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Asking means you're a loser and therefore have zero chance of nailing an interview. My suggestion, find a hooker who likes to chat and try on different personas until she sleeps with you for free. May sound harsh, but it will work.
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You have amazing numbers and good activities. You have a shot for sure.
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Thanks I'm just a bit worried that my ECs are weak for top 10s, but I guess we will see.
Pretty much what I listed. I'm involved in a couple of clubs on campus, have won a few departmental awards, etc.