MD Chances At top Med Schools? Need help

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Jun 14, 2016
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Hey everyone, so I scored very well on my MCAT; 519 which was 98 percentile. However, my GPA is very average at a 3.66cGPA and about 3.5 sGPA. This is due mostly to a bad freshman year. I have a very significant upward trend with my last 3 semesters being a 3.87, 4.0 and 3.95. My extracurriculars are also good with hundreds of volunteer hours as well as about 600 clinical hours, research experience in Behavioral Neuroscience, among other activities. My issue here is that my MCAT is competitive for very good schools (maybe IVY leagues?) However, my GPA is not. What are my chances here, and should I even bother applying to those top schools? Input is much appreciated.

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Use the WedgeDawg Applicant Rating System. I've seen people with lower stats accepted but the main thing is to have something interesting about yourself. Everything you have seems to be cookie-cutter premed checklist stuff. Good luck!