Chances for my top Post-bacc/Master's Programs?

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Jan 26, 2016
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I'm at cincinnati's SMP right now, so can give you some perspective on admissions just based on what I know from my own experience and my friend's experience... I'd say you have a decent shot. Many of the people have gpa's around the same as yours but really high MCATs (like 36-38 range), which I think is something they look for. Most of the people I know with lower MCATs (507-510 range) got in off the waitlist. A lot of people in the class got in off the waitlist, so don't let that discourage you. Aside from that, they've spoken a lot about wanting people who are resilient and tough (the program is pretty brutal in terms of how much you will study), so make sure that's evident in your essay and you've got a good chance.

Can't speak too much for the other programs, but I believe Boston is easier to get into than Cinci (simply because they admit way more people) so you probably have a good shot there. As for Tulane, I thought their SMP required a waitlist seat at a medical school (which is why I didn't end up applying there) but maybe there is another program that I'm not aware of? Hope this is somewhat helpful!

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