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Jul 28, 2017
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I want to know what my chances are for the next cycle. This is going to be my reapp and I am trying to see if there was anything I missed from ECs/Stats. I got secondaries from almost every school I applied to but no II at all (I only applied to MD by the way). In terms of number of hours, I included expected hours in my application for the past cycles but the numbers below are as of now.
  • cGPA: 3.77 sGPA: 3.77
  • MCAT: 514 (129/126/130/129)
  • State of residence: California
  • ORM from top 20 undergrad
  • Clinical Experience: Shadowing: ~300 hours (Primary care and Pulmonology). Scribe at an outpatient clinic: ~ 1500 hours and will be continuing this.
  • Research experience: I think this is my weakest part of the app. I have 1 semester (~100 hours) of research with no authorship or presentation. I am working on a couple of projects now, but not sure if I can list them and how long they would take before I have publication worthy material.
  • Clinical volunteering: Volunteer at a local hospice ~ 200 hours, am continuing this at this time.
  • Non-clinical volunteering: After school tutor at a local community school ~150 hours.
  • Other activities: I worked in technology (design and coding) for ~1500 hours while in college.
  • Relevant honors or awards: Does Dean's list and need+merit based scholarship count?
  • Anything else not listed above: I am an immigrant who came to the US just before high school and this had a great impact on my life.
I really think that it might have been my writing and I am starting to write from scratch now. Please be very critical and let me know if anything raises a red flag.

I also would like to thank everyone here that helped me this past cycle.

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