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  1. W

    Interviewer said "Hopefully we get to see you next year" three times. Good sign?

    My interviewer is on the admissions team. He said that to me at the end of the interview one time, by the end of the interview day when I said goodbye a second time, and when he responded to my thank you email a third time. He also replied to my thank you note very fast. I sent it at 8pm on a...
  2. Blueshirtguy

    WAMC/School List Help cGPA 3.66 sGPA 3.66 MCAT 525

    Hello Everyone, I have been lurking here for a while and reading threads about people getting into medical school whenever I got caught in the thick of undergrad. This is my first time posting! I was hoping I could get everyone's thoughts on my application and my school list! cGPA 3.66 sGPA...
  3. D


  4. J

    I think I might have overshot my schools...

  5. Z

    Struggling with "What unique qualities do you bring to school XYZ?"

  6. M

    MD Chances for next cycle

    I want to know what my chances are for the next cycle. This is going to be my reapp and I am trying to see if there was anything I missed from ECs/Stats. I got secondaries from almost every school I applied to but no II at all (I only applied to MD by the way). In terms of number of hours, I...
  7. S

    High Stats, Very Sticky LOR Situation

    @LizzyM @gyngyn @Goro would also appreciate your feedback on my situation, thanks so much!
  8. M

    Any somali in here ?

    hey any somali in here doing MD in SGU grenada please ?
  9. N

    List of private medical schools in the US

    Does anyone have a compiled list of all the private medical schools in the US? (preferably allopathic). Thanks in advance!
  10. E

    Crying during an interview?

    One of my closest friends recently interviewed at an MD school, and her mother's recent passing (< 1 yr) came up during the interview (in a respectful way), and she told me she ended up crying/sobbing for a good chunk of the time. She's really bummed out her crying may have affected her...
  11. P

    MD Can I pull off applying to MD schools only?

    Hi everyone! 3.21 cGPA, 3.00 sGPA, 4.00 gGPA, 515 MCAT I graduated college in '16 (Top #30 school) and enrolled in a graduate post-bacc (MS) and got a 4.0 (all classes in biomedical science). It really bothers me that my uGPA did not budge on my AMCAS even after all the hard work I put in grad...
  12. V

    School list: International student, MCAT 511, GPA 4.00

    Hey guys! I am an international student from Europe, and I plan on applying to medical schools in the upcoming days. That said, I was hoping you could help me create a list of schools I should apply to. I believe that only private schools accept international students. My stats: -MCAT 511...
  13. A

    What schools should I add? - cGPA: 3.78, sGPA:3.65, MCAT:511

    Year in school: Graduated December 2017 Graduate degrees: B.S. Biological Sciences from a public state school Country/state of residence: Arizona URM (y/n): N, white Cumulative GPA: 3.78 Science GPA: 3.65 Cumulative GPA Trend: 3.86--3.28--4.0--3.85 MCAT Scores: 501 --> 511 (127,126,130,128)...
  14. D

    519 & 3.96 - Cali schools? Baylor?

    Hi! I just applied for this 2019 cycle and I would greatly appreciate some input as to which schools to strike from my current list and which schools to add. I'm interested in going to school in California, but I know that's a pretty tough sell for OOS students. Particularly those who do not...
  15. D

    MD Where should I apply? Chances at Baylor?

    Hi! I just applied for this 2019 cycle and I would greatly appreciate some input as to which schools to strike from my current list and which schools to add. I'm interested in going to school in California, but I know that's a pretty tough sell for OOS students. Particularly those who do not...
  16. B

    MD & DO 3.45 cGPA, 3.39 sGPA, 512 MCAT, UT Resident

    Thank you for taking the time to look my post. I appreciate any input into helping with my school list. I have used a combination of WedgeDawg, Lizzy M, and the MSAR report to decide on MD schools. I will also be applying to DO schools at a later point, as an MD re-applicant. My application is...
  17. D

    Advice/Input, am I doomed for getting into Med School?

    Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up my sophomore year in CUNY Brooklyn College I intend on going to medical school to become a pediatrician, I have always been in love with the medical field and coming from a big family were there was always little ones running around I always loved...
  18. SCN1a

    Re-applicant What can I do to improve

    Hello everyone! I'm sure it's clear who I am to all of the WL schools unless they don't read their updates and don't look at my username and MCAT score but anyways I am currently on 4 WL's (Mayo MN, UCLA, Geisel, and UMN) but, in an effort to prepare for the worst, I am looking into taking a...
  19. P

    Rural Med School Reccomendations Wanted MD/DO

    I am looking to apply to MD or DO schools with strong rural medicine programs. Rural medicine is my passion and what I am looking to pursue. Little bit about me: MCAT 505, GPA 3.59, sGPA 3.46 female, white 100+ hours shadowing in providers in rural areas 4 years on student-run rural shadowing...
  20. V

    Switching from DVM to MD.. UofT Med admissions?

    So I’m in 2nd year undergrad and until this point I’ve been preparing to apply to vet school. I’ve recently had a change of heart, and am considering applying to UofT in my third year. I have a question! -for FCEs, do they take off the lowest one per year (total 3) or is it the lowest 3...
  21. H

    Describe Statements that have stood out to you/why?

    To any ADCOM members, Pre-Med Advisors, Doctors, Med students, etc. who have experience reading personal statements for medical school: think back to specific statements that have stood out to you, either for good or bad reasons. What about those letters made them stand out? What did the writer...
  22. StackOfTurtles

    How to improve my non-trad chances in 5 hrs a week?

    I'm 30, and in my fifth year of a PhD program in the humanities. I'm writing my dissertation, and I *should* be done in June 2019. Meanwhile, I'm taking my MCAT June 1 and will apply to med schools this summer -- my state school is my #1 choice, but I have a short list of 5 other institutions to...
  23. ergo432

    Waitlist Support Group 2017-2018

    I thought I would start a new thread for MD applicants who have been waitlisted for the 2017-2018 application cycle. I saw some waitlist groups for earlier years, and I thought it might be helpful to have some mutual support in a time of stress. It doesn't matter if you've been waitlisted once...
  24. BigLadyBugBelly

    Possibly Retaking Orgo 2 Twice

    Hey all, I finished Orgo 2 the first time with a D during Spring, had summer break, and have retaken Orgo 2 this Fall. The semester is almost over and I'm concerned I may get a C-. I have an overall 3.55 gpa and 3.4 sgpa. I got a B in Orgo and the only other blemishes on my transcript are 2...
  25. S

    Complete since July what are my chances of a II?

    So, I know this is an extremely school specific question, but I am just curious in general if most schools wait to re-review applicants on hold until after the secondary deadline when they know that they have their entire application pool for a given cycle? and because of this is there...
  26. S

    Which MD schools? - 522 MCAT, 3.45 cGPA/sGPA

  27. G

    6 failed classes - MD Chance?????

    Okay I know 6 is a lot but please read. I started a degree online back in 2013 and hated it. I pretty much neglected it because my parents borderline forced me (as I had a good job in a small town without a Uni). It was in HR and after i just didn't bother with the first semester but said I...
  28. G

    am i making good progress?

    hi, I am in the first semester of my sophomore yr in college. I am wondering, with the following info, am I making good progress in terms of setting myself up to be accepted into a MD school or am I lacking?? State of residence:Alabama cGPA:3.87 (not sure about sGPA....ive only made one B ever...
  29. Tom&Jerry

    MD cGPA 3.87/511 MCAT WAMC

    I've been watching a lot of these threads and finally decided I would throw my app out there to see what everyone thinks. 511 MCAT 128/130/127/126 cGPA 3.92 upward trend I guess?? sGPA 3.99 (one A- freshman year) Recieved A+ in Biochem, Orgo, other biology courses (Does this hold any weight??)...
  30. a_modern_prometheus

    MD WAMC WAMMI Applicant Non-Trad

    Year in school: Post-Bacc (Finance Bacc) Country/state of residence: WAMMI State Schools to which you are applying: Albany BU Case Columbia Creighton Dartmouth Drexel Duke EVMS George Washington University Medical School Georgetown University School of Medicine Hofstra Jefferson Loyola Mayo...
  31. C

    MD WAMC with this list? 3.714/519

    Hi future docs, I'm an Asian girl applying this cycle. My primary was just verified (submitted early Aug) and now I'm working on secondaries. cGPA: 3.714, sGPA: 3.65. Fwiw, my premed advisor said the average sGPA of accepted students from my school is a 3.5. I did my undergrad at a top 15...
  32. V

    Letter of Recommendation if I am an undergraduate teaching assistant?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering for my science letter of recommendation, could I get the letter from a teacher that I am an undergraduate teaching assistant for? I have already taken the course previously but with a different professor, who I did not really get to know that well, so I was wondering...
  33. C

    What's my best shot for MD schools?

    I have scheduled my MCAT for July 27th. However, I still haven't reached my desired score of 510+ would it kill me if I take the exam in August and submit my application now during July so it can be processed? cGPA: 3.27 sGPA: 3.61 Even though my GPA is low I have an upward trend in my grades...
  34. T

    What are my Chances? Which schools should I be focusing on?

    I am graduating college this year with a scGPA 3.43 and cGPA 3.63, mainly because my fall junior year, I received a D in Calculus due to poor circumstances. MCAT score= 501, but will take again My recommendations will be fair, with a couple strong ones. Good clinical and nonclinical...
  35. B

    Do these count as BCPs??

    Would these classes be considered BCPs? I think most of them should be, but I'm not positive about all of them. 1. Human Brain & Disease-we learned about brain disorders, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy 2. Neurobiology 3. Psychobiology-technically a psychology-department class, but we learned...
  36. M

    MD Chances at Duke/ feedback on schools list: 516 MCAT, 3.91 GPA, white

    This is my full schools list: 1. University of Maryland 2. Johns Hopkins University 3. University of North Carolina 4. Duke University 5. Wake Forest University 6. University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine 7. Case Western 8. Drexel University 9. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at...
  37. chunkyfilms

    My General Chemistry 2 course covers some orgo?

    Hello SDN this is my very first post. I couldn't find an answer anywhere on on the site, but I remember looking up pre-reqs for for medical schools on the school websites and reading that one school did have an exception of some sort for this. I'm currently taking Gen Chem 2 and it includes...
  38. 3DVanGogh

    Non-Trad 4.0 GPA, 525 MCAT. Help with schools list please?

    Hi all. Thank you for reading. I'm a little concerned because I feel like some components of my application may be a bit uneven/lopsided. I would appreciate any insight anybody wants to offer on what schools are appropriate or a reach for me. Major: Physics (minors in Mathematics and Art...
  39. lickerwhicker

    WAMC - *Need help reducing/finalizing school list!!!*

    deleted for anonymity