MD Chances for Top-Tier?

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Nov 25, 2015
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You have everything going for you; I would expect interviews wherever you apply.
You're golden, aim high. Start your list with Stanford, UCSF, UCSD, UCLA, and USC/Keck.

  1. cGPA: 3.81, sGPA: 3.80
  2. MCAT: 38 13/13/12
  3. California
  4. Caucasian
  5. Top-10 undergrad (not harvard/stanford/MIT/Yale)
  6. Clinical volunteering: >1000 hours volunteer EMT, ~200 hours free clinic (scribe/medical assistant)
  7. 3 years of psychology research assistant work, no publications :(, senior honors thesis with LOR from advisor, school poster and paper.
  8. ~150 hours of shadowing, primary care, radiology, plastic surgery, critical care/ICU, trauma surgery, EM
  9. After school mentoring for at risk middle- and high-schoolers for 2.5 years during college, 1 day a week.
  10. Year of full time work at a public health nonprofit after graduating, president of a quite large club at my school, taught PE classes in college.
  11. honors from undergrad, cum Laude