Chances if granted an interview?

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Apr 16, 2003
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I know that every school is different, but what chance does a person usually have if they are granted an interview? What percent would you say of those interviewed get accepted? A friend of mine said that your GPA and DAT get you the interview, but at the interview it is your time to sell yourself.

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Generally the precent of those who gets accepted after the interview round is between ranges between 30-38%.
Originally posted by The Musketeer
Generally the precent of those who gets accepted after the interview round is between ranges between 30-38%.
Are you talking about the % being accepted or those who end up attending? If it's the later I agree with you. But I think people who are actually given the opportunity to attend is higher
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I guess the percent being accepted is up to 70-80%
Sorry Speter, the stats I gave out is for the latter. I think the % the gets a acceptance letter from the interview is about 60-70% (however, that is only my opinion. This also depends on when you are interviewed - the earlier, the greater the chance of getting acceptance letter).
60% is probably a good solid number that takes into consideration schools that are still difficult after interviews and schools that are fairly easy once an interview is granted.

The interview is the time to sell yourself and who you are, that's for sure.
Looking at some of the numbers that schools provide on their websites, and assuming that schools accept anywhere from 1.5 - 3 times their class size, and considering the huge variation in interview philosophies from school to school, I think the number can be between 40%-70%.

In other words some schools invite almost 2.5 times the number of people they can accept to interview, while other schools are very selective about who gets interviewed.

I personally would prefer that schools stick to the higher end of that range to minimize our expenses, however I can think of many arguments that people might have for a number at the lower end.