Sep 8, 2015
Hey guys,

I'm new to pharmacy, as I was previously considering DO/Nurse Practitioner, but now pharmacy might be the best option for me. I have around a 3.51 GPA when it was converted for DO, and I'm planning on writing my PCAT September 7th. If I'm a Canadian applicant, would it be too late to apply to US programs in around September/October? I know the apps opened a few months ago so I'm wondering if most schools do rolling admissions, would I be considered late?


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May 31, 2016
Early admission deadline is Sept 6th and most schools regular admission is Dec 1st. Check PharmCAS school directory for more information

PharmCAS needs at least 5 weeks to verify your application so I suggest you to get on your PharmCAS application and submit it ASAP if you're planning to apply for early admission at a particular school. Keep in mind that you could only apply for 1 school for early admission. If accepted, you're contracted/obligated to go there. If they reject you, you application will return to regular admission in which you'll be able to apply for other schools.