DO Chances? Low GPA

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Nov 16, 2012
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I am looking for some additional advice and input you guys may have regarding my chances for applying to DO school and any suggestions you guys may have as well to help me improve, its greatly appreciated.

My undergrad cGPA was a 2.918 with a sGPA of 3.061. My informal Post-Bacc year (which was suppose to be a redemption year) only turned out to be a 3.379.

I didn't decide I wanted to apply to medical school and become a physician until my last semester of my senior year and in doing a 300+ hour clinical internship in the hospital. I also work in the hospital as well. have done research, and have volunteered in a rural area for the past couple years. I have great LOR (my physician LOR is from an MD..but its very good), ECs, etc.
But after I graduated I went back to do a Post-Bacc in Biology at my local university, and complete ALL the pre-reqs.

I took gen chem over the summer, and took a full class load, each semester this past year with OChem + Physics+ Microbio all with labs etc. May have been not a good idea to jam everything in + work/busy schedule, resulting in my ~3.4 post bacc cGPA. Which brought my TOTAL undergrad cGPA to ~3.0
I am planning on re-taking Physics II this fall to raise it to an A. Which should raise my GPA, as well as look into retaking Bio 181. I got a C in. But applying in July after I take my MCAT.

I have been studying for the MCAT this summer, and have been scoring 28-30 on my AAMC practice exams. Self study..Ek. So I feel I want that number to be much higher before I take the real thing. I feel that might be my only chance is to score a 33+ (on the real thing).

This is my dream and life long goal (interested in primary care/family medicine, - I am Mexican American and bilingual). And am appreciative of your advice and help.

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Jan 13, 2012
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Taking two additional classes when you've already taken ~40 will have little impact on your cGPA. We're talking a few hundredths if you get As in both.

Now the good news: while your GPA is low for DO, a 30 would be 92nd percentile for your ethnicity. A 33 would be close to 99th. Keep up the studying.
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