WAMC (nontrad/low undergrad gpa/high postbac gpa)/school list help

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Dec 25, 2020
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NYU Grossman is an easy hell no. The current M1 with the lowest stats had stats somewhat significantly higher than yours. It is not worth a shot in the dark.
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To clarify, I would apply to the Long Island SOM which has significantly lower stats. Is that what you are talking about?
oh that is more 'doable' though its own kind of competitive. does your app scream primary care? I didn't get that vibe from your post
Carle, Mayo, Maryland, Quinnipiac, Riverside, Irvine can probably be taken off.

Drexel, Penn State, Albany, MCW, Nova, Belmont would be some good adds.
Shadowing experience and specialties represented: 68hrs total. 48hrs virtually for surgery/pulmonology/ob/gyn during pandemic, 14hrs in person for ER/PM&R/Orthopedic Trauma Surgery. 6hrs as an EMT ride-along shadow.
Try to get in-person shadowing for the specialties you shadowed virtually. Virtual shadowing doesn't count for much now that we are post-pandemic. This puts your physician shadowing hours at 14. You need at least 50 to avoid getting screened out at most schools.

Undergrad was about 7 years ago in computer science, postbac was last year (accelerated, single year).
Were all your postbac classes the premed prerequisites? Any plans to take upper-level biomedical science courses? When did you take psychology/sociology?

married, so I won't be 100% making the decision and will need to take my partner's input into account
How did your partner help you with creating your school list?

Non-clinical volunteering: 128hrs between undergraduate mentoring, tabling for STI testing awareness at student health center, adoption counselor at animal shelter. (I know this is weak, I'm working on raising it by tutoring reading)
Tutoring won't help you. Most premeds do tutoring, and you already have a lot of STEM-promoting activities. This brings me to...

advocacy/activism/social justice is (I think) a major theme throughout my career and if there are any schools I missed that might resonate, please let me know!
What activities support this? What are you passionately an advocate for? I see lots of STEM-promotion. This doesn't take you out of your comfort zone. In fact, I don't see activities that suggest you have gone out of your comfort zone except for doing this postbac to change careers towards medicine and maybe learning ASL. What issues in social justice have you invested time as an advocate/activist?

You need at least 150 hours of service orientation activities to avoid getting screened out at most schools. Activities include food distribution, shelter volunteer (human not APL/animal), job/tax preparation, transportation services, or housing rehabilitation.