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Nov 2, 2016
Hi I was wondering what my chances were. My dream school is CSUN.

University: CSUN
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Overall GPA: 3.95
Pre-Req GPA: 4.00
GRE: 157 Q, 152 V, 4.0 AW

Volunteer: ~325 hours total: 120 Outpatient (ortho, neuro, geriatrics, sports), 60 Skilled Nursing Facility, ~145 Inpatient Hospital in Acute Rehab Dept (ortho, neuro, cardio/pulmonary, geriatrics)

Extra-Curric: Volunteered in Thailand ~ 120 Hours (home health visits to poverty stricken areas, rehab dept in hospital), 1 year of undergraduate research on heritable disorders, 10+ years of soccer (club/academy), Played intramural sport for a semester, 1 year job, Dean's List

Recommendation Letters: 3 Letters: 1- Undergraduate research prof, 1- Lead PT in Rehab Dept at Hospital, 1- PT from outpatient clinic

Applying to: CSUN, CSUF, Chapman, Western U, Mt. St. Mary, Samuel Merritt, UCSF/SFSU, USC, SDSU, West Coast U
Your stats are GREAT! You will most likely get into all the programs easily. Are you hoping to continue at CSUN?
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