Medical Chances of admission this cycle? Should I wait to apply next year?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Hello, I am a re-applicant (previously applied in 2020 cycle) and am debating whether or not I have a strong enough application to re-apply this 2022 cycle, or if I should wait to apply next year. I really do not want to do another gap year before applying, but I will if I have to improve my application. Main concern is my clinical experience hours. I don't think I have enough exposure to be competitive, and have been struggling to find opportunities to build up that portion of my application party due to COVID and the fact that I am now working full-time. I recently tried finding a part-time scribing opportunity , but was rejected due to my restricted time availability.

Application info below:

Major: Biomedical Engineering
GPA: 3.84
MCAT: First score was 509 (128, 125, 128, 128). Retook the exam on 05/01/2020 and won't get score until 06/01/2020, but I feel more confident in my score now and am anticipating a highly significant score increase.

Clinical Experience:
1. Patient Support Volunteer –– 40 hours. Volunteered for a Delirium Prevention Program. Assisted patients with feeding and/or hygiene needs. Engaged patients in ROM exercises to maintain their mobility during their hospital stay; Socialized with and guided patients in cognitive activities such as puzzles, concentration card games, and art to promote a positive healing environment and help maintain their cognition. I really enjoyed volunteering here and wish I was able to get more hours, but they were very tight on scheduling at the time because they had taken on too many volunteers/interns that summer.

2. Shadowing –– 15 hours in-person shadowing. I also have about 15-20 hours of virtual shadowing from various e-shadowing platforms that I have done since the start of COVID.

3. Observed surgeries (via video call) and attended Grand Rounds at a Medical College and Orthopaedic Surgeons' lectures through one a Clinical Orthopedics course I took in college. ~50 hours

Nonclinical Employment:
1. Quality Control Analyst I s –– ~1200 hours, currently working here.
I essentially run quality control bio-assays on bulk drug and gene therapy products in cGMP and GLP settings. Lots of cell-based lab work, which I enjoy doing.

2. Private Tutoring –– ~1300 hours. Tutored students in Engineering courses and Pre-Med courses. Also continued private tutoring during COVID via Zoom. Did all of this while I was in college.

Volunteering Experience:
1. –– + 1000 hours. Co-founded a tax-emept 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to fight food insecurity related to COVID-19. Have fundraised over $1000 for the purchase of meal kits that we donate to food-insecure communities. Have delivered over 800 meals to 7 food pantries across Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Extremely proud of this EC.

2. , National Co-Ed Service Fraternity –– 125 hours. Did various forms of community service towards both my college campus and the Capital District of NY: volunteered at the pediatric center of a hospital, renovated facilities for a social services organization, repaired and built bikes for underprivileged children.

1. Cancer Center –– 560 hours. Worked in a clinical genetics research lab as a summer intern. Worked on multiple projects during that time, but did not have a project of my own. Nonetheless, was a great experience.

1. Undergraduate teaching assistant for Cellular Biology and Organic Chemistry. –– 250 hours.
2. Chemistry Mentor –– 50 hours. Essentially the same experience of being a teaching assistant: developing lesson plans, holding weekly recitations, leading the labs/recitations, etc.
Chances of Admission are 100%on you.

But as for II, the lack of clinic hours will be lethal.

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