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Apr 17, 2008
I graduate from UCLA in Psychobiology with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies. My overall GPA was 3.36 but with a good upward trend. My last MCAT was a 24 but I'm taking it again. Extracurricular activities include 3 years clinical research including presentations and potential publication, 4 years cultural organization including 3 years of leadership experience within it, 2 years as a nurse's aide. I'm currently pursuing my mph also at UCLA and am heavily involved in extracurriculars there too. I want to go into primary care, either pediatrics or family medicine.

What are my chances? What else do I need to do?



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Apr 21, 2010
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Get above 30 to justify the GPA, preferrably 34+.

Write a good PS (takes atleast month, apply early and broadly.) You should be fine for DO with above 27.


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Sep 4, 2006
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You didn't mention your BCPM/sGPA. If it isn't decent, some additional upper-level Bio coursework should be in your future. What was your GPA for each of the last two undergrad years? Do you have any really low grades?

Your activities as mentioned sound good. I'd suggest some formal physician shadowing of a few types of doc for 50ish hours or more. Ideally, include a DO among those you shadow for the sake of a DO LOR. Some nonemdical, noncampus community service is a good idea if you don't already have some.

For MD aim for 34+. For DO, 27+.