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Chances/School recommendations? (Thanks!)


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Mar 22, 2011
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi All!

    Just wanted to give you guys my stats and see what you thought my chances were and maybe give some suggestions as to where to apply:

    Undergrad: 3.27 - With a big upward trend. I ended up majoring in a religion undergrad, had a 3.92 major GPA, but veryyy low science GPA, so I did a post-bacc program
    Post-bacc: 3.85
    For D.O. schools, with grade-replacement, I have a roughly 3.65 GPA

    MCAT: 33

    - Research lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    - Worked in a number of doctor's offices in various positions
    - Certified EMT (never was an active EMT though, so should I even put this on my applications?)
    - Shadowed plastic surgeon and orthopedic resident
    - Volunteering at a number of hospitals
    - Speak 5 languages
    - Dean's list
    - Award as top student in religion major in my graduating class (I know, compared to the distinctions other SDNers have, this sounds humorous)

    N.J. resident

    I'll be applying this cycle to both MD and DO schools, so I wanted to see what you guys thought my chances were, and where I should apply. Thanks so much!
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