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Hey all. New to this board. I gotta question I'm hoping I can get some help with. I've got a good gpa, 3.9ish, and a 28 on my April mcat (august isn't in yet, but i'm figuring 29-30ish). I'm a Chemistry major, and instead of getting all the hospital experience my Bio-major friends are getting, I decided to do chemical research and internships. I've gone to the ACS national meetings and presented posters, and am giving a talk this Nov. at Wake Forest. Anyone have a good guess as to what my chances are for gettin accepted this year, considering my mcat isn't phenomenal, and I've focused more on research and publications than clinical experience (although I have spent some time shadowing a surgeon in the office and OR).
My application (AMCAS, not secondaries) is finished, and I'm just waiting on my last transcript to get there. I'm just worried that all the spots are gonna be taken up before I get a chance. Anyway, any comments would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


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welcome to sdn. :) your gpa is great, and your mcat is a hair below the average (29-30) for accepted students. i'm not to sure about harvard or hopkins, but you'll be very competitive at your state schools (UNC, ECU, Wake), and a bunch of middle tier privates along the east coast. i would say your research experience will work to your favor, as long as you can clearly present why you want medicine as opposed to just a PhD. it depends on where you have applied, but i'd say if you play your cards right, write good essays and interview well, you have a great shot :)

get your apps in as fast as possible to. the early bird gets the worm at many schools
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