Apr 6, 2010
I'll start by saying that during finals week second semester of freshman year, I had appendicitis and had to have surgery, so I messed up a couple finals pretty badly. I went to a state university in michigan that year, and transferred to another state university in michigan starting this year as a sophomore. I plan on retaking those classes to get the GPA up to where it should be. That being said, when I apply to medical school, my cGPA should be around a 3.6, as well as sGPA. I took a practice MCAT with essentially no studying and got a 29.

EC's: Volunteer at a major hospital 3hr/wk doing patient discharge. Philanthropy/community service chairman of my fraternity for two years. First year in that position, my chapter won the only outstanding community service award out of 200+ chapters of my fraternity. Also possibly about to begin pediatric neuropsych research.

Work: Worked at a retirement/nursing home for almost four years (non-clinical positions), with last two years spent as a department coordinator, which put 40+ people working directly under me. Currently work at same major hospital that I volunteer at, doing patient transport and some PCT type work.

I am a biochem major, psych minor.
Sep 4, 2006
Inside the tesseract
Your activities look to be very solid with all your patient experience. You have good leadership and non medical community service. You'll have some research by the time you apply. Don't forget to get in some physician shadowing too. If your application GPA is 3.6, including all grades earned (AMCAS doesn't allow grade replacement, even if your school does) and your MCAT is as strong as you are suggesting it might be since you haven't studied for it yet, I think you'll have a good chance at an allopathic med school acceptance.

You might look into a retroactive withdrawl during that bad semester if you have the documentation about your emergency surgery. Sometimes it is permitted.