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Changing Career Plans

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Bob, Nov 23, 1999.

  1. Bob


    Hello everybody,

    I am currently a junior at a small private school in Ohio. I am majoring in Occupational Safety and Health Management and have just recently begun looking into Med school. Upon graduation I expect to have a gpa around 3.5, and slightly better in the sciences, with all required areas covered. Assuming I do well on the MCAT, it looks from what I've seen on this site, that I should have a decent chance at being accepted.

    I have seen it mentioned on this site that obtaining a master in Public Health can help your chances. How true is this? I have also heard that medical schools do not like to take people from other health professions. If this is true, how severely will it affect me?

    I was also wondering where I could find some information of the field of Occupational Medicine. It seems like this would be a good match for my current major. Do most hospitals have an Occupational Medicine department? If so, it seems as if this would be a good thing for me to volunteer with.

    Also, any information on Medical schools in Ohio would be usefull. Which ohio school is easiest to get accepted into?

    All help is appreciated
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