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Sep 15, 2002
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Hi guys, long time no see!

I've been a bit busy lately. Hope you guys are well.

I had a question. After sending out the application, if something changes on your application can you update it? For example, if I want to update the number of hours I volunteered at the dental clinic, is it possible to update that?

If so, when can you update, and how? Would dental schools see the change in the application?

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Jan 24, 2004
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I suggest that you should estimate how many hours you will have in the dental clinic by the time interview comes around. You don't have to be accurate, just 20-30 hours difference will not have that big of an effect in the adcom's decision. Also, the only things you can change on the application is basically your biographical questions, courses taken and just the Yes and No responses.

This is directly from AADSAS:

Applicant Essay
No changes or corrections may be made to the applicant
essay. This page is photocopied and transmitted as
submitted to the dental school(s) to which you applied.
Addendum?s will not be photocopied. They will be placed
in your file.
Additional Information
Changes can only be made to the initial ?yes? or ?no?
portion of the questions. Changes, however, cannot be
made to the comments section once you submit your
application. Any changes to the comment section should be
sent directly to the dental school.

You change any information on your application you must fill in and submit this correction form (usually they will also mail one to you when AADSAS has processed your application):


Process of updating/correcting the application:

1) Fill in the form
2) Mail back to AADSAS
3) AADSAS will process the information
4) AADSAS will then send the update to your schools
5) the schools will then update your information then be submitted for review

*As you can see, this process is LONG!

I sincerely suggest that you try not to make any corrections on the application because this process will cost you significant time and money. If you need to, estimate higher than what you would anticipate to get (in volunteer hours)....but not too high!.
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