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Jan 7, 2015
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We've just launched our brand new online platform. Now you can take all of our practice tests under the exact same conditions you'll face on test day.

Looking for High-Quality MCAT CARS Practice at a Reasonable Price?

I’m not going to say much about our practice tests, because I don’t want this to become an infomercial for our products, but I will say that our practice tests currently have over 430+ reviews on Amazon.com with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Our practice tests are the highest rated and most frequently rated CARS practice materials available on Amazon. We have (12) practice tests available (T1-T12). And if you don't want to read this entire guide here on SDN, our bundle offer includes a full-length PDF version of this guide as well as some extras thrown in for good measure.

We’re currently running a 63% off deal on our entire 2018 MCAT CARS Master Course which includes our entire 30 Day Guide and Twelve Full-Length CARS Practice Tests for only $49.95. If you bought these tests and guide individually off of Amazon, it would cost you $130.00, so this is a great deal but one we will only be running for a short time. Check it out below!

Testing Solutions’ 2018 MCAT CARS Master Course - $49.95

Oh…and we have a 100% money back guarantee that says that if after you take one of our practice tests, you don’t think it is the hardest and most accurate CARS practice test you’ve ever taken, we’ll give you 150% of the price you paid, back no questions asked!
“Excellent resource for additional CARS practice. I started using their guide and was quickly convinced [these] materials [are] the best value for your money possible! These exams are close enough to the AAMC material that I have seen so far that this is an easy buy!”

“I thought that they served as great practice and will definitely prep for any person trying to master cars…Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone, plus the price is extremely reasonable for the value of the exams!”

A lot tougher compared to any other CARS material. Enables true mastery of the skills necessary to be successful in CARS. My scores went from ranging in the 125's to 129's and still improving!
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