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Sep 15, 2002
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Generally, what is covered on the DAT for both chemistries (general and organic)?

Both semesters of each?

For example, in Organic what do they test you on? Mechanisms like Sn2, Sn1, E2, E1? Do the mechanisms get any harder than that?

Oh yeh, do they provide you with a periodic table of elements? I saw some questions about electron configurations on one of the sample exams so I was wondering if they did.



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Oct 19, 2003
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Hey Dr. Saab,
Have you checked out the DAT forum? Its tailored more toward the DAT and everything that goes with it. As for your question, the DAT covers a range of material too long to be listed here. I suggest you check out a book on preparing for the DAT. I know Barron's has a good one that'll answer all your DAT-related questions, but there are many others out there also. I think the DAT forum has a thread devoted to study-aids and people's opinions on them. Best of luck to you!
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