Chicago state university college of pharmacy-A BAD CHOICE

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Jul 27, 2011
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Nice of you to fill your post with facts that support your statement. Oh didn't. I personally am sick and tired of people bashing CSU. Always this is done by those NOT affiliated with the school. How many current students do you find here talking badly about the school?

Go take a flying leap. Everyone at that school; students, staff, and faculty work their butts off. The few that don't ....and there aren't many...don't get to stick around.

By the end of the last term I had almost gotten use to only getting three hours of sleep a night due to the intense study schedule needed to learn and retain the massive volume of material required. When I hear people bash the level of education one obtains at the COP I just laugh....because the fact is they could not possibly have shoved more information into our brains regarding the particular classes that we took.

You and all the other naysayers should know that the administration is aware of the bias against the school and in response to this unfair bias have regularly cranked up the heat in regards to the level of difficulty in all the classes including what are "supposed to be" the easier non science classes. I think first semester there were like 3 As in what was basically a history of pharmacy class. Why? Because we were tested on minutiae time and time again. You can imagine how hard they are testing us on the material in the science classes. And then after working like dogs we get to come here and hear our peers (I use the term loosely) malign us and our school.

So until you have facts to back up your statement...step off.
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Hello. I am currently a senior and I should be graduating with a 2.6-2.7 GPA. The reason my GPA is low is due to deaths, financial issues, and almost giving up. I intend to retake a few classes that I got Cs (Bio 2, Chem 1 and 2) and Fs (Organic 1 and 2) in(some in the summer and some during the semester). I have plenty of community service hours (~300-400hours in various services), and various job experiences (cashier, desk assistant, etc......had to help the family out). I have also applied for a Pharm Tech job and I hope to start in Jan 2017. I want to take my PCAT around August or maybe Sept, and I am hoping to score around the 80 percentile (fingers crossed). I’d like to have my application completed by the beginning of Jan 2018. My dream is to attend the University of Illinois Pharmacy School or Chicago State’s Pharmacy school, but I will be applying to my home state school (MS) and others around the south. Is there anything that I can do to help my application be more competitive? I am willing to work long and hard for this goal. I just need the right guidance.

It’s tuition in comparison to other schools in the Chicago area appears cheaper, but the truth is that you may end up overpaying for school, staying longer in school, or not even graduating when you have over $100,000 in student loans. The school has a low endowment fund in comparison to other universities, so tuition and the state government are their main sources of revenue. With the current Illinois government budget deficit, the school will keep a competitive apparent tuition to attract new students, fail more students, so they can remediate and make more money off them. CSU-COP is a trauma-laden site. Most of the good professors have left for other schools. In the first year, they will woo you like a new love; even call you to register for classes.

As time goes on, it dwindles to a “no- concern” status. The third year is where they introduce core open-ended question classes that happen to be electives in other schools. No wonder, the NAPLEX Pass rate for the school has decreased (The NAPLEX gives some focus to compounding which the CSU-COP doesn’t lay emphasis on). These are their supposed gold standard and rate-limiting classes. At this point, likability and emotional grading are utilized since it is at the professor’s discretion and no specific point-by-point allocation is stated in the grade scheme for the exams (2 Exams: 50% to 55% of the total grade). New terms such as “regrade” are introduced into the syllabus with clauses that inhibit the freedom of expression of students on stating the points that they think they deserve. They also introduce the “scare-factor” by stating that people who request for a regrade are likely to score lower than their original score. There is the saying that, if someone does not want you to express yourself, he is not you friend. Well then, the school is not your friend; “Your success is our purpose” turns into “Your pocket is our purpose.” Even reviewing your own exam becomes a battle where some students are screamed at. Sad! Evasive techniques will be utilized to avoid giving some targeted students points they deserve (ethnicity and what you do for the school play a role in who is targeted). Consequently, one may end up having to sit out for a year or more when one should not have failed the class in the first place. The general pattern is that they give these students grades such as 69.9% so they feel they were so close to a pass, so when they retake it the next time they will pass. This is called the borderline phenomenon. Since one is in so much debt and has invested so much time, they just naturally suck it up. Regrades and grievances may be ignored, delayed or intercepted based on who you are (following protocol has nothing to do with it). Appeals are a waste of printer ink. One is better off not filling out the end of semester course evaluations. Retention of their faculty is their main aim so faculty can do whatever they want. Technological issues are also a staple.

The P4 year has an extra module that the other schools don’t have. Additionally, there are some bad sites interspersed in there meant to trip students. It’s all about the money-making and less about the students!

Everyone goes into a new endeavor with a positive mindset, but what if these experiences happen to you. No one deserves to be treated like this. Observers are worried and people are not stupid!

Don’t listen to those tour guides and students who during the interview process only say positive things about the school. They have a “back-end royalty” for their loyalty. You are precious and your time and money (even if it is in loans) are precious. Choose wisely!