Aug 22, 2015
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Hi all,

I know we have a boards sticky, but so few of the posts are about child boards (and there is not much available on search) that I thought it would be helpful to start a thread.

Deadline/Fee information is available here:

Content information is available here:

I've heard it's a good idea to review Child PRITEs and to read the AACAP Practice Parameters available here:

Beyond that, any ideas? Q-banks? Review books?

If anyone who has taken the exam could chime in, it would be much appreciated!
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Jun 25, 2011
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I used what you listed, the 10 year reviews in the orange journal and memorized most of the Handbook of Psychiatric Drug Therapy.

Most questions were from 10 year reviews and you should be able to photocopy these from those training you or from the medical library. My program gave us all bound copies and I sued thewm again for my recert exam. Don't forget to study some forensics.
Sep 25, 2013
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I've used this questions book. The questions are not the best, in fact a little annoying (mostly of the format "All of these are correct except" which is not the Boards format), but you there are explanations, and reading those was the easiest/laziest way for me to study.

Going through PRITE for the last few years helps.

I would also read the abstracts of TADS, MTA, POTS, TORDIA, COBY trials and the 1-2-year followups (TADS 1y. f/u) for the short-term trials.

As above, forensic and school review is important (Lewis's CAP chapters should suffice).

And there is, which is child psych-oriented, and has decent summaries of some topics (disclosure: I've contributed to it)
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