children's hospital,Detroit

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Oct 4, 2004
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Could anyone share their two cents on this program reg the competitiveness, the work load and the atmosphere there? I understand that it is one of the top 30 hospitals, but how good is it? Thanks a lot. :)

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- Program ranks 27
- Lots of fellowship opportunities as univ based
- Lots of cases exposure, wide knowledge gain
- Experienced faculty

- Lots of patient population, u get Q4 calls busy like uhhhh
- Interns pay the most, program depends on their suffering
- PD or chiefs don't give a damn if u r dying in an hour be at work
- Lousy pay least number of no-call months from most
- Will have to drive living around hospital is scary, most patient population are african american
- Lastly lots are IMGs & u know this is a sign AMGs run like hell from here ........