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Sep 12, 2006
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Has anyone done any visiting rotations at Children's Hospital Los Angeles? I'm doing a general floor sub-I later this yr and would love any advice anyone has to offer!

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CHLA is my home program and I have done several rotations there. I don't really have any specific advice other than make sure that you are up on your patients and that you pay attention to when the attendings round. The intern will often round with the attending staff without telling you, so you need to be in tune. If you have any specific questions let me know.
How have you liked your rotations there? My questions are pretty general...mainly wondering what to expect. E.g., How many patients do sub-Is tend to carry? How does the day generally work? Are visiting students are given pagers? I've heard some programs don't give visiting students pagers, which seems like it would make it kind of impossible to be a sub-I... Thanks for your help!
I loved my rotations there! The residents and the faculty are phenomenal. You will work hard and learn a lot! I haven't done a general peds Sub-I, however, the all the faculty and residents there tell me that the third year required clerkship that we do there is essentially a Sub-I. What you can expect as a Sub-I is one senior resident, average of 4 interns, and 1-2 third-year medical students per floor. You will show up around 6 AM for pre-rounding on your patients followed by 7 AM ward rounds which is run by the senior resident. At 8 AM you have case conference, and at 9 AM you return to the floor for attending rounds until 12 noon. Basically attending rounds are very disorganized, but very beneficial. The subspecialty teams round on your floor at random times and review just your patients with you, it's not an organized rounding with the attending... sounds confusing, but you'll see what I mean. Then you will have noon conference and finish your work on the floor afterwards. One nice thing is that all of your notes and orders are done on the computer, no handwriting. Some people hate it, I love it. You will be on-call either q4 or q5 depending on how many interns are on your floor. As I understand it, as a Sub-I you work directly under the senior resident, not the intern. Your patients are your own and you merely report to the senior for co-signature. As for pagers... I'm not sure. Our medical school requires us to have our own so we just used that. However, the seniors are always the ones who are paged and they are very good about getting the info to you. You will get a meal card, which is nice. I hope that helps! Your schedule will obviously vary from day to day. I hope that helps a little bit; let me know if you have any other questions.