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choices btw NYCOM and LECOM?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by luckymed, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. luckymed

    luckymed Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 5, 2001
    Acceptances to both NYCOM and LECOM? Any advices on which one to pick in term of academic education and residency? I am a NY resident. Any info will be appreciated. Thanx in advanced
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  3. sig

    sig Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 21, 2001
    new york
    depends what you want..... i'm a 4th year at nycom.
    if you want to stay in ny, go to nycom, but you might like the change of being in a new place, where you get to meet new people, and you are not bothered by family or friends. because when you have to study, you dont' want your fam/friends bother you to go out , etc...
    it could be a nice change to leave...
    i know alot changed at nycom, so i dont' know how it is now, but when i was there, i knew someone who went to lecom and they loved it.
    stay or go? up to you.. i recommend going to lecom.
  4. goldenjims

    goldenjims Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 20, 2001

    Im interested in your opinion of NYCOM as a school. Sounds like you may have wished you would have gotten away from NY when you had the chance. Im from NC and have been accepted and am just trying to get some feedback from NYCOM students about how they have enjoyed, or not, their time at NYCOM. Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. sig

    sig Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 21, 2001
    new york
    well... nycom as a school.. things have changed since i was in academic part of nycom, not clinicals.
    when i was there... test were every monday, with omt labs mon or wed, pretty much every week. the lectures were pretty bad.... the hand outs were all that was needed, they would be taken at the begining of class, and you would go home and study.
    but from what i heard from recent 2nd years, tests have become blocks, no tests for a couple of weeks/month then a week of tests. i dont' know which is better, since i only had hte first, but the people now seem to not mind it to much.
    i do'nt know if lectures or handouts got any better, some professor's left, and i dont' know who they were replaced with.
    overall, i guess its a good DO school, even though no one, even people down the street, know where it is.
    they need to work on PR.
  6. Dr JPH

    Dr JPH Banned Banned 10+ Year Member

    Feb 4, 2000
    LECOM is currently expanding. They are in a very DO friendly state and basically have the western part of Pennsylvania all to themselves (along with Penn State med to a certain degree).
    They have a large number of clinical affiliations, including their own Ostoepathic hospital (Millcreek).
    From what I hear LECOM has a very non-competitive atmosphere and produces good osteopathic physicians. LECOM has a strong primary care focus, as do most DO schools, and the larger precentage of their graduates go into primary care areas.
    LECOM is also located in Erie...a nice small city from what I hear.
    If you go to DO school in Pennsylvania, and plan to stay in PA after you graduate, you are required to complete an Osteopathic Internship. This requirement does not hold true if you want to practice in New York as a DO. You can go to school at LECOM, then move back to NY for your residency and not complete the AOA Internship.

    NYCOM is a school with high academics standards. Its curriculum is one of the most rigorous of all the DO schools, and they are proud of it. It is located in Old Westbury, NY...about 20 minutes outside of NYC. The surrounding area is upper middle to upper class and cost of living here is VERY high...maybe more than twice that of living in Erie.
    The clinical affiliations at NYCOM are second to none. Although they do not have an Osteopathic hospital per se, I hear from students that their rotation sites are very DO friendly.
    With the other medical schools in the area, many people do not know about NYCOM, as one person mentioned.

    I had a friend who interviewed at both schools and basically had this to say:

    "If you want a top notch education, strong clinical education, and the opportunity to go into any area of medicine, go to NYCOM. If you want a great education, wide variety of sites for clinicals, a more relaxed atmosphere, a place where students work hard TOGETHER, and a place that cultivates primary care physicians, go to LECOM."
  7. ychromosome

    ychromosome Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 11, 2001
    I'm a first year at NYCOM. I dont really agree with what the above poster said about the difference b/t NYCOM and LECOM in his last statement. Many of the students in my class also seemed to get into LECOM and chose NYCOM for a number of reasons. I think some were turned off LECOM by the professional attire required in class everyday. That may have changed there, but I cant imagine having to get into a suit to go to class everyday, hence I dont see LECOM as being more relaxed. Also, having been to Erie, the phrase "Dreary Erie: the Mistake on the Lake" definitely holds some truth. NYCOM really gives me the best of everything. The school itself is on a quaint, rural setting on the sleepy (but expensive) north shore of long island. The city is a 20 minute train ride though and is a welcome escape after exams are over. As the above poster related, the exam system has changed at NYCOM last year and the block system has seemed to be an overwhelming success for the most part. I cant imagine never having a weekend to go out or enjoy myself, as would be the case with the system of an exam every monday. The lectures here are well given. No complaints. They type up the notes for you in a concise and very readable way. I go to most lectures along with all the labs. I've done well so far, but NYCOM does hold it's academic standards very high. Your stamina is of vital importance the first 2 years. For third and fourth year, you can go wherever you want, from the island, to the city, to jersey, to Buffalo. I hear the rotations are very DO friendly and rival many upper tier MD schools. As a result of the wide affiliations (25+ hospitals), NYCOM grads dont seem to have much problem finding a decent residency in most fields. I suspect the more diverse patient population of the NY area lends more of a learning experience than the Erie area, but guess I could be wrong. The match in past years has seemed to be fairly widespread across the medical sphere. The student body is very well rounded, with women now occupying 55% of this year's class. We all bend over backwards to help each other out, as does most of the faculty.

    I say, in the end, just go whever makes you most comfortable. Once there, learn, make yourself stand out, do well on the boards, and I suspect you'll be fine.
  8. jean

    jean Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2001
    No one at LECOM is required to wear suits to classes. A tie is required for men. Women are required to wear skirts/pants. I think most men and women wear khakis and comfortable dress shoes with sweaters and shirts. This is the type of clothing students wear for preceptorships and during clinical rotations.

    I rent a 2 bedroom/2 bath townhouse with garage for $610/month. I live a mile from school and can drive home for lunch. The area has festivals, cultural events, lots of restaurants. There's a ski resort in NY and an hour drive from Erie. There's a state park along the lake in the city of Erie. This site is sponsored by the local newspaper. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    There's cultural diversity in our classes and lots of social clubs and programs. LECOM recruits from across the US. Many students are from the southern and western states. There are LECOM students from NYC. ;)

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