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Mar 22, 2004
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As a third year medical student, I find that I am having a hard time "connecting" to any one area of medicine.

I enjoy most of my rotation but just can't decide on any one type of medicine.

Is there anyone out there that can offer their views/ advice on how to choose a residency?


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Sep 24, 2002
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I'm sure that you'll have good advice rolling in from others, but in the mean time invest in Iserson's book for residency as it may help you with the decision and the actual match process.

Good luck!


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Feb 1, 2004
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Besides the AAMC careers in medicine checklist and hanging out with attendings in their offices, I also think that it's important to remember that there is usually not just one specialty that students will be happy in. There are usually many specialties that students would be happy in since there is so much overlap, so try not to think of your decision as a right or wrong decision.
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