Choosing between 5/6? healthcare programs...HELP

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Mar 10, 2015
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Hey guys, I need some insight!! I'm currently considering Yale is currently my top choice. I'd be going there for HCM but am also accepted into Colombia, Georgetown, Michigan, Hopkins, and am interviewing for Cornell. I feel as though Colombia's program is too large for me. Georgetown is offering an assistantship but not a significant one (and its the most expensive). Michigan has been impossible to get a hold of, so I can't really gauge anything from their program - although its something I would like to explore because of its ranking (got to count for something, right?). And because I don't have much experience in the HCM field, I feel like Hopkin's didactic is too short, but their program sounds like it has the best means of connecting you to influential administrators. Does anyone have any insight??

Thanks so much in advance!

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