Need help picking MPH programs

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Jan 27, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I am planning on applying to MPH programs but I am a little late to the game. I was unsure on how many schools to apply to and where I should apply to maximize my chances. I was pre-med so a lot of my undergrad experiences are leaning towards clinical.

Undergraduate School/School type: UCLA 2021
Undergrad GPA: ~3.7
Major/minor: Psychology and Biology

-Currently working as a full-time medical assistant in a pediatric pulmonary clinic but I also have a lot of responsibilities in office management, billing, insurance, administration
-Research experience in post-traumatic epilepsy for 3 years. Heavy data analysis.
-Hospice volunteer: mostly administration duties
-Worked 1 year as a medical scribe for an oncology clinic
-3 year experience as a teaching assistant, later got promoted as an educational program manager at UCLA
-Mental health counselor, 1 year experience
-Tutoring experience
-Volunteer for 3 organizations which have goals of patient education and public health outreach

Letters of Rec:
Current employer, doctor
Previous college professor and employer
Volunteer coordinator

healthcare management, biostats

Schools I am considering: JHU, Columbia, George Washington, UTMB, UTHSC
I am very open to other suggestions as well


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