Class 2 doubts

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Oct 5, 2008
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Hi everyone,
I have the following doubts regarding class 2 preps. Can someone shed some light on the following.
1) How can possible get a smooth cavity , including the proximal area? My proximal walls are somewhat rough, even though I use hand instruments.
2) How to define the line angles in the proximal box. I know GMT can be used. Is there any other method to do this?
3) What is the approximate width of the proximal box occlusally and cervically?
4) the approximate width of the occlusal cavity in the cuspal and the groove area? I know, one has to extend atleast 0.5 mm into the grooves, but is there any width that can be kept in mind?
5) Is it good if the axial wall is straight instead of convex? How can one get a convex, instead of concave axial wall?

Thanks a ton.
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