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Classes after AMCAS Submission


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Mar 3, 2007
  1. Pre-Medical
    does anyone know if we are expected to send in our grades to schools from summer semester, and the upcoming fall semester?

    i've already submitted amcas, so those classes aren't on my transcripts. but do med schools expect you to send them your grades in future classes? do people only do this if they are on the borderline?

    i'm currently in some summer classes, and am just wondering if it's going to be a big deal if i slack off a little (not too much). thanks.
    You will have to submit final transcripts from the school at which you matriculate. Beyond that, people typically only send transcript/grade updates to schools where they feel they are on the fence or they are requested to do so. Further, a school for which you have not yet completed a pre-requisite (i.e., Orgo 2 or Biochem) may request a transcript showing successful C or better completion of that requirement when they offer you admission.
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