Clinical Psychopharmacology Masters

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Jul 27, 2011
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I've been looking into this and it seems like all the programs MAKE you take 2 years to finish roughly 30 credit hours...what the heck? They split it up so you're taking like one class every weekend. 30 hours can be done in 1 year. I assume the reason for this is because the programs are to new to have a sufficient amount of faculty teaching the classes to run people through in a year.

My question is, can you do the practicum hours while completing the degree and how many hours do you need? It seems some programs make you start the practicum after 2 YEARS of courses. I guess I can stomach that if I am working in a practice in the meantime, but it really depends on how long that practicum is supposed to be following the courses.

Please for the love of God do not "yahoo answers" me on this and give me a link or some non-decisive answer on this; if you don't know, don't post. This kind posting just derails hot-topic arguments.

To sum it up, how many years after graduation does it take to have rxp? I assume the post-doc would be in medical psych.

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