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Aug 17, 2002
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What are the clinical rotations like? Is it the same as med school - i.e. long, sleepless nights of being on call, weeks/months of not seeing your family for days on end?
thank you in advance for your input!


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May 27, 2002
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I haven't been through my clinical year yet (I've just started my didactic year in May) but here's what I've heard...certain rotations are pretty time-consuming--ER, Ob/GYN, Surgery. At the program where I am, those are call rotations. Then you have others that are not so demanding like pediatrics and orthopedics. It just really depends. Oh and by the way, when PA students are on clinicals, they are treated just like the medical students--expected to do the same things, go to Grand Rounds, you name it. So there's no reason why it should be any easier/harder. It's all about getting an awesome training!
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