CNUCOM vs WesternU

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May 10, 2023
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I have been fortunate to be accepted to a few DO schools and 1 MD School. I have paid the deposit for Western U and I came off the waitlist at CNU this week.

  • Only MD Acceptance
  • Closer to Family Support system but I had my undergrad in So Cal and can adjust to Pomona
  • Class profile looks strong. On paper, the Match list look good.
  • Accrediation issues but getting a feeling that it may be resolved.
  • Good residency match but hearing that large % of 2024 Match was through SOAP.
  • Research oppurtunities available but need to network to get research oppurtunities
  • No Federal loans but I may get loans/support from parents. May be able to navigate
Western U Pomona
  • Established DO School. Not into Ranking but it shows that it is ranked 50 in primary care. That is not a deciding factor
  • Many Clubs and research oppurtunities
  • Good residency matches in California

  • Clinical rotations are all over SoCal. May need to manage housing when you get to clinical rotations.
  • DO school but that is not a gating factor.

Summary: Have already paid my 2K deposit at WesternU. CTE date for CNUCOM is next week. I need to pay deposit in the next 2 days. My gut says WesternU but would like some feedback. Is the risk of getting an MD from CNU worth it or stick to a more established DO school.

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I would probably go with Western tbh. The federal loans alone make it almost a no-brainer. The DO bias is unfortunate, but it is only prevalent in a few specialties and the top few programs of any specialty. At the end of the day though, the DO bias and the CNU bias might make this a wash on that front.