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Mar 1, 2001
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I know this subject has been touched upon before, but I was wondering how collecting extracted teeth is going for people? Are people finding they have collected enough teeth for the beginning of class?

I've been calling dental offices where I left jars and it seems I'm coming up short. Anyone else having problems?


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Nov 30, 2001
off of the subject. Juice: keep us posted on what you are doing at UIC (that is after u start). I am sure most of us want to know, especially me.

Teeth: i totally forgot about the teeth. We start our Tooth Morphology class next monday, so I called my former boss five minutes ago. The has 1/4 of a Ragu jar full. It only took him all summer!!! Overall getting teeth is a pain in the butt. We only need 10 teeth, so I will have extras. But talking to my classmates most have plenty of extras, so I am sure that someone at UIC will help you with the 300.

For applicants:; start collecting NOW. They are a pain to collect, so get a jump start, especially if you will need scores of teeth.


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Jul 24, 2002
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Hi guys,

All you need the extracted teeth for during your first year is to practice tooth recognition. The best way to do this is to pool your resources-- Get together with your classmates and pool all the teeth you were able to get, and you should have a good collection to practice recognition on.

2nd year is when most dental schools teach endo (some might do it late 1st year too). That's when you need to look for suitable extracted teeth to practice doing root canals on, and by then you should have enough connections with the upper classmen or instructors to get extracted teeth from them.

Bottom line, don't worry too much about getting extracted teeth. :D
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Jul 20, 2011
  1. Pre-Dental
Does anyone know how to sterilize them without ruining them?
I believe you are supposed to store them in labeled resealable containers (like a mason jar) with 1:10 bleach / water solution which will disinfect the surface of the teeth without ruining them. The school will then sterilize them, but I am not sure how they do it?
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