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Oct 5, 2004
I interviewed there in december, mostly because of location. Their website wasn't helpful and needs major work, but I was surprised to be impressed with the program. There seems to be a great deal of change in the dept right now, new PD as of october. The residents were really friendly and laid back. The first year seems busier than other places I interviewed at. I liked the program and the location so much that I'm ranking it #1.

Bastos Envy

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Feb 24, 2005
Very impressed with the program and restructuring of administration. Very well supported by the upper ranks of the entire university. The president or equivalent of the university is a Psychiatrist. Univ Colorado is notorious for a first year that is strong if not arduous in medicine and the distances between sites are wearisome. If you can handle that, then its a fine place to train and a great city to live.

Graduates of the program are also regarded as fine Psychiatrists elsewhere without much hesitation because of that.
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