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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by kelpy, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Wow, this app is so confusing. I have several questions for all those who are in the same boat:

    For the question that asks you to list collegiate activities, do you only list extracurriculuars that you pursued within the college, or can it be any activity that you pursued in your college years? Even though they don't ask for it, do you put in dates attended and hours per week? Do you also include paid work in this section?

    Question 4 asks how much time you spent in work for which you were recompensed during the college year? Can this include summers as well? What about volunteer work?

    What about question 5 where it asks us to explain the work? How did you guys go about answering this question?

    Pheww! I'm so confused! :eek:
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    Collegiate is an adjective that modifies the word activities. Collegiate is the adjectival form of the noun "college". So they are asking for a list of college activities.

    If they don't ask, don't tell. Paid work goes elsewhere, see below.

    Recompensed is a fancy word for "paid". "College year" means while you were in school. If you attended classes full time in the summer, then I'd count it as a part of the college year. Otherwise, they are looking for how much paid work you did while concurrently attending school. Unless you were paid for your volunteer work ( :confused: ) this wouldn't be included in this section.

    Explain the work means "tell us what you did on the job(s) you listed in question 4."
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    question 4 says "college year," but then question 5 says "include summer," and it is referencing the above question. I don't think this is a big deal, but I think you should include summers in both questions. This weird thing to me is the "list format" deal where everything has to be entered with no returns, and commas separating the items. It's very odd. Makes me think this is just being used for some kind of summary cover sheet deal. OR perhaps they just don't want to read the drawn out AMCAS responses. It's very scary that this may actually be the only thing they read about us. Thus, it needs to be done well.

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