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Columbia vs NYU

Discussion in 'Dental' started by dmd2006, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. dmd2006

    dmd2006 Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    I guess most people will choose columbia if they have to decide between columbia and NYU, considering specialty placement, board score,and class size in Columbia.
    However, I don't know what to do between two schools after I got $25000 per year scholarship from NYU. I need to send deposit and confirmation as soon as possible. I am thinking, thinking but it is very hard to deny such a big money that will relieve my burden of debt after graduation. (app. $80000 less debt!!)

    On the other hand, NYU seems too big and I cannot totally ignore all the bad things about NYU. I hope all the bad things are not true.(attrition rate / postgraduate placement/ low board score)
    What should I consider in deciding school?
    Do you guys think I have to go to Columbia and decline NYU? Please, I am very serious and I need some advice from dental students and practioners.

    Thanks alot!
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  3. StarGirl

    StarGirl ..... 10+ Year Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    they offered you 25,000 a YEAR?! woah never heard of that! do u have amazing grades and dat score?!!
  4. Doggie

    Doggie Professional Jackass 10+ Year Member

    Money talks but it doesnt dictate everything. If you are really aiming for speciality programs, I think it is better to go with CU....I think the speciality placement has a much higher ratio than NYU. Dont let financial stress hinder you from anything. A lot of people were in our shoes and still managed to pay off school loans.

    I dont know much about NYU, but I can definitely say that their living conditions are much much better. My friend is currently a 3rd year at NYU. She said that her class dropped around 10-15 students each year. Just make sure you are above the curve to make the cut.
  5. pn229

    pn229 Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 8, 2001
    NYU is expensive and do drop their students..if their scores are low...but isnt that a good thing? If you can;t make it....well you can't make it. As for board scores...buddy..i columbia they don;t study dentistry till their third year. I don't want to bad mouth it is a great school for people who's desire is 99.99999% to specialize. My friend is AEGD at Columbia...and compared to NYU experiece...columbia has much less clinical experience. I believe Columbia tells you themselves you either nedd to do GPR or specialize cause they will not have adequate clinical skills. A fellow AEGD from Columbia with my friend has only done ONE crown at the end of her graduation. She was confident in her didactic knowlege..hence the high board scores..but was not confident in her clinical skills. My friend also teaches Columbia's clinical course...he believes the students there do not have adquate clinical experience. Columbia is great for specializing....if that is what you know for sure that's what you want to do. Bu then again, NYU is too. If you get top grades at are quite great...since it's difficult to achieve high scores at NYU. YOu are pretty dam good if you get 3.2-3.3 here. As for board scores, 98-99% pass rate on first board score. Second board last year was 66%, this is due to NYU not requiring it's student to pass the second board to graduate. With this year's graduating class, it's a requirement to pass board 2..hence a higher % pass. Additionally, most programs don't even see your second boards score before they accept students I know study only a week before the test. This is what I know. If I have offended any Columbia students...I do appologize..but what I have said I heard first hand from current AEGD student at COlumbia. Anyone care to debate this..let's get it on.J/K :) PEAce people
  6. calcium15

    calcium15 Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 3, 2002
    as to the original question, colombia or nyu dental. Well, first of all, both are big expensive private school. That the first thing to consider. Is one better than the other, I highly doubt it. Its what you get of the education.

    Are both respected schools. That shouldn't even matter. Well, Colombia is an Ivy league some might say. Someone from nyu might say NYU is the most prominant school in NY. Does that matter? I don't think so.

    Another thing to look at is location, both schools are in a totally different area of NYC.
  7. calcium15

    calcium15 Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 3, 2002
    its interesting that you mention the attrition rate, low board score and postgrad. placement.

    Well far as attrition rate, it quite high, no denying there. Is that bad? Depends. If you come to NYU you better be ready to study really hard and get beat up so you will continue with the next year.

    In terms of board score, I heard NYU score in the top 10 each year in Board 1. Think about that, that means like 200+ students are getting like 87-90% averages each year, that is with only about one week of your own studying. Now you talking.

    You to say, NYU has a low postgraduate placement. If you want to specialize, you go for it.

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