Combined internship/post-doc sites--question.

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Aug 5, 2006
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Hi everyone. For a variety of reasons, I'm searching for predoctoral internships that include a postdoc as part of the deal. I've stumbled on a few but I think there are more that I just can't seem to locate in an efficient way. Does anyone know of any individual sites like this, or, better yet, a list or a good way to search for them?

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You'll probably have to e-mail the sites you are interested in, as that information isn't found anywhere on APPIC's write-up, and may or may not be found on the site's own website. VA's seem to like to hold onto people, so they are worth checking out.
I know that St Lukes Hospital in NYC states that they hire postdocs and give their interns priority with that. This is written in the comment section of their APPIC page.
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UCSF has an internship/attached post-doc--you commit for two years if you match there.
As does Northwestern Medical School.
One caution about this is that you really need to make sure that you will finish your dissertation prior to the end of internship/start of the post-doc. A friend of mine took a "post-doc" at her internship site, but couldn't count it as such as because she failed to finish her dissertation in time.
One of the tracks for Andrus Children's Center has a post doc attached