COMLEX 3 books and question bank

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Jan 12, 2012
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Can anyone recommend good books for COMLEX 3, I've heard MTB 3 is good, anything else besides that? And question banks, COMQUEST vs COMBANK vs USMLEWorld.

Thanks a lot

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Comquest, wouldn't bother with the other two as they don't focus on actual comlex stuff as much ad comquest.

Wouldn't bother with any books either. I had notes from comquest 2 that I then added on to as I went through comquest 3.

Only book that I used was the green savarese text that had already been highlighted to all hell from med school and comlex 1 & 2 prep.

It's a horrible exam but we all know this. Between your studying, intern year experience, and the fact you only need a 350 to pass, you should do fine. Turned out to be my highest score of all three with by far the least studying. Good luck!
a few people in another comlex step 3 forum said that combank was better than comquest. My friend did both when she studied for step 3 and said she felt like comquest was way to easy, that combank was more like the actual exam. Just what Ive heard so far.