COMLEX Level 2 CE Question

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Jun 1, 2018
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Hi all, Planning to take COMLEX Level 2 CE (the DO version of USMLE Step 2 CK). I'm wondering if anyone has advice for me.
I took NBME Form 6 and got a 184ish, which devastated me.. I then took the DO version of NBME Step 2 CK exams, COMSAE, and again did not so good, 484ish. But that was about 4 and 3 weeks ago respectively but I really fixed my studying and will take NBME 7 soon. I'm wondering for anyone that took NBME 7 and had to improve their Step 2 CK/COMLEX Level 2 CE what did you do different that raised your scores.
I'm basically doing UWORLD a second time, going over Sketchy IM (since I'm super weak on IM) and using Anki flash Dorian deck that goes over nearly all HY resources. I'm taking my boards in 4 weeks, wondering if you guys have any advice?
My plan is to take NBME 7, 8, then retake 6 since I didn't check any answers and I don't remember much questions and then I'll take two different types of COMSAE (our NBME version of CK) and then UWSA2. I plan to take COMLEX Level 2 CE at the end of July. Any other advice for me? Thanks.

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