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Comlex Q Bank


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Nov 26, 2001
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    This post corresponded to my thinking perfectly! I JUST got a question on there that went almost exactly like this:

    A 20 year old female with previously regular menses is one week late. She finds out she is pregnant and two weeks later,to celebrate, she goes to see her physician to recieve OMM. (???) She is diagnosed with a L on R sacral dfnx. How many germ layers does her embryo have at this time?

    WHOA. I laughed out loud. First of all, her celebration is OMM? Second of all, what does this have to do with the 3 weeks=3 germ layers answer they wanted?

    Disturbing on so many levels.

    Do you guys think that this qbank is worth it, or should I switch to the USMLE one? I thought it was okay until I got to that question. Now I'm sort of scared.


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    Oct 25, 1999
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      Last year...I used the Kaplan USMLE q-bank. The COMLEX is a 16 hour adventure in RANDOM-NESS.
      We had some question about a lady getting up, and cracking her head on a cabinet door...and it didn't say where she hit her head...but they wanted to know about the cranial bones that are now prevented from moving. I was like....ummm....yeah..assuming there is more than one "moving" bone in the head...

      FRUSTRATION....PURE and Simple.

      It is just POORLY worded....

      Best of luck to you guys....I have Step II in Aug...and we have CPE too...

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      Oct 3, 2003
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        Just study for the USMLE, flip through savarice and memorize the autonomics/chapmans, and you'll pass the COMLEX without a problem. The USMLE is a freakin relief compared the the COMLEX. My advice then is to just do the USMLE Q Bank if you are going to use Q Bank at all.

        COMLEX seems like crazy medical trivia at times. I involuntarily bursted out in laughter 2x during the Step II because some of the questions were so over the top.
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