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Jan 13, 2004
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I'm an OMS-II planning on taking both COMLEX and USMLE Step 1 in June. That said, I'm curious to know how much anatomy it is that I really need to study. I got HY Embryo from a friend, bought Savarese for OMM, and I'm going to get HY Neuroanatomy pretty soon, but is there anything else I need for the actual *gross* anatomy part of either COMLEX or USMLE, or will reviewing musculoskeletal stuff in FA in addition to Savarese and Neuro be enough for both exams?

Also, when I searched on here for potential resources, one post (by noted banned user OSUdoc08) recommended that I use the questions in BRS Gross and BRS Neuro. Does anyone else have any other recommendations for gross anatomy specifically? Incidentally, cheaper is better -- board review stuff is freaking expensive as it is, and I don't want to spend any more $$ than I have to, so any input is much appreciated.


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I looked through that thread, too, and OSUdoc seems to be about the only person making that suggestion. I used BRS gross for my class (the author was our professor, so that was a no-brainer). It's very-detailed, and it's thick -- it would take a lot of time to get through it. I did think the questions were good for class, and I guess you could just read the sections at the end of the chapter with all the high yield points.

Personally I wouldn't buy it and actually just bought a used copy of HY gross. I think you can get old editions pretty cheaply, though, so if you do really want it, I'd recommend going that route.
One of the professors at our school has collected a bunch of hi-yield anatomy "one-liners".

Rumor from students is that if you know these cold, you should be in pretty good shape for any anatomy questions on COMLEX/USMLE.

You can use 'em online for free at flashcard exchange.
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I used FA only for gross anatomy and was fine. There were a few gross questions that weren't in FA, but they were easy. Knowing your peripheral anatomy will get you most of the gross questions correct. I didn't do a thing for embryo and it paid off. I had maybe two embryo questions on USMLE. The only anatomy I would recommend really studying hard is peripheral and neuro.