Committee Letter + Letter Packet + Individual Letter

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Apr 17, 2014
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I already submitted my application, so this might be too late...

I took 2 years off after graduation and got a job at a hospital.
My committee letter was done by a pre-med adviser but I was hesitant to send my letters of recommendation from my current job to him for various reasons.

So in total I have a committee letter from my Pre-med advisor.
An individual letter from a research PI
and a letter packet from the institution I work at currently.

The letter packet has my strongest letters and I am concerned that because I have a committee letter they wont even look at it.

Is that founded? Or should I stop obsessing and have a cocktail :)

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Cocktail wins.

They will look at your packet, and letters (individual or committee). This is a HUGE part of the application. They won't ignore pieces of it.
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