Committee Letter Timeline: Worried it’s late

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Jul 20, 2023
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I decided to get my committee letter through my post-bacc program instead of my undergrad (although it was actually the same institution, just different committees).

They are being super vague about timeline. At first they said it would be in early July (which is clearly hasn’t). And now they are saying simply “July” with the goal of being done by the end of August. I’m very frustrated as I know the letters from the undergrad are already in. Am I screwed?

I have access to the individual LORs on Interfolio and I considered just uploading them individually, but I know forgoing the committee letter can look bad. What do I do?

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There's not much you can do, but seeing that you have a postbac institutional letter, they are likely going to be a little bit late because they are doing their scramble to get their next fall cohort enrolled. I don't know your usual academic calendar to see if there is any alternative, but suffice to say, schools will want the program committee's evaluation since you did enroll in their program.