Jul 19, 2015
Hey All,

I completed at 26 schools by August 3rd. Most schools I was done by July 31st, and some schools took till Aug 3rd.

By complete I mean everything is sitting on their desks, LORs, Verified Primary, Secondaries, Transcripts, Application Fees, etc.

Is this:

1. Very Early
2. Good
3. Decent
4. Late
5. Very Late
6. Hail Mary


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Jul 7, 2015
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To put this into words, there are a million threads about what is or is not early, you'll see plenty on the first page. Making another thread asking for a number ranking is pretty silly. I'll give you a 6 for that.
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Feb 22, 2012
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Let's put it this way: in my researching lab, there was someone who applied last year and didn't have their primaries in until mid August and with a sub 30 and ok GPA, received IIs (had pretty good EC hours, though).

You're probably pretty early, comparatively to the rest of the population, top 25% in speed... But, does speed>quality?


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Jul 26, 2009
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Just to refresh on timeline reality:

AMCAS doesnt start transmitting until July 1st (though some schools have secondaries sent to contact info upon submission to AMCAS)
Most Primary Apps are verified and transmitted mid July thru late August
Most adcoms dont start meeting for review until at least mid-August, more likely September (though adcom staff may be doing early reviews).
Submitting Primary Application June is Early, July Medium, August Late
Having Primary verified and transmitted to school by end of August is normal speed
Having Secondary and all LORs complete to school by end of September is normal speed, by end of October is about late.

Getting primary in early does matter because of all the other items that follow it. But applicants often see the beginning and not understanding how it flows from there.
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