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May 15, 2009
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so just got my mcat scores today and i was really disappointed (24N), i have already signed up to retake july 8th but i really don't think 6 weeks is enough time to bring my score up to where i want it to be, so i need some advice, do i submit my primary and cram and see what happens, or do i try to get quality studying in and push the mcat back and apply next summer? i just graduated so i had already planned to take a year off but now it's looking more like two years. oh and my gpa is 3.5 overall, 3.31 science with okay ECs but nothing stellar, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I agree that taking more time to focus/study for the MCAT would be a good choice. IMO, you should put together the best application that you can. It sounds like you could use some more EC's so perhaps you could focus on the MCAT (maybe take a prep class and retake in January) and use the extra year to boost your EC's. I waited an extra year because my clinical EC's were not that great. It was hard to wait, but I'm glad I did because I felt good about my application, and I only wanted to apply once. Good luck!
I wouldn't necessarily forgo applying completely this cycle. Either apply really broadly, or to a few schools to see what happens. Applying early is the key. It can't possibly hurt unless you have a specific school you're trying to get into (i.e. schools with higher MCAT averages like CCOM, PCOM, DMU, etc.). Depending upon your score distribution, you should have a shot at a few schools.
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thanks for the advice, i'm leaning towards just studying as hard as i can these next 6 weeks and hoping for the best, i think i will still submit my primary early and wait to send secondaries until i receive my july 8th score. thanks for the insight!
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