Compound Microscope Problem for NS 7 P/S #21

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Apr 29, 2020
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So I encountered a compound microscope problem in which there are two lenses, one objective followed by one eyepiece. Both are convex. The question asks for where the image from the objective is to be focused for the image from the eyepiece to be upright.

Since the objective inverts image, I figure the eyepiece should invert the image again to be upright. Consequently, it should be focused outside the focal length of the eyepiece. However, the answer states that the image from the objective should be located inside the focal length of the eyepiece. My only guess is that maybe the object from the objective was inside its focal length and is virtual and upright and consequently it should stay that way, but then wouldn't the image formed be virtual and on the wrong side of the objective if that were the case?

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