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Jun 16, 2002
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Can staring at a computer screen all day harm your eyes? Since I've been at college, I've been using a computer a lot more and I've noticed that my vision has gotten worse. Especially focusing on distant objects. Thanks for your help!


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May 4, 2002
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The answer to your question is a definite MAYBE :) ...

I know this doesn't help too much .... but that's the best I can do without knowing more about you ..... I would however suggest you get your eyes examined by an optometrist if you haven't done so recently.

Some possibilities are:

1) You are fatiguing your eyes because of glare off of the computer screen, combined with poor lighting, decreased blind rate, poor ergonomics all comtribute to something called Computer Vision Syndrome. Easiest thing to do is to make sure you have a well lit (with direct lighting .. don't just count on overhead flourescent lights) work space ... and to make sure you minimize sources of glare off of your terminal (ie. improperly oriented light sources, glare from windows/skylights etc).

2) Another possibility could be that you have a binocular vision anomaly. Staring at the computer screen for extended periods of time requires quite of bit of constant effort on your accomadative system. If you have an infacility of accomadation, or reduced amplitude, or other BV disorders you may be overly-extering yourself while using the computer. One common, and not so high-tech thing you can try is to periodically relax your accomodative system ... ie. "relax your eyes". This is simply done by looking up from your computer screen and looking out a window ... or at a distance (down the hall) .... You should try to do this every 20-30 mins for 1-2 mins .... just to give your eyes a rest.

Again .... these are but a few possibilities ... so please take everything here with a grain of salt. You really should go to your OD and explain the situation to him/her and see what if anything turns up.

Hope this helps ... even if it was vague ....

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