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May 27, 2000
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    As a recently accepted SGU student, could anyone explain how the computers work for classrooms? I am thinking about using Windows 2000 on my laptop and I would appreciate some details about the class notes system. Also, how are the roads in Grenada? I am thinking about using a roadbike but I may use a mountain bike if the streets are rough. Thank so much!

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    Apr 23, 2000
      Do NOT bring a road bike. The roads are mostly dirt/gravel with some paved roads that have potholes like you wouldn't believe. If you're using your bike for recreation then you'll be fine (some days do get pretty hot). If you want your bike for transportation, then you should leave it in the US. The SGU bus service is good and safe...the roads are not safe for bicyclists.

      If you bring a mt bike, make sure you have a "doctored" receipt showing how cheap it is. If you have a $3000 at home, it'll get ripped off eventually and you'll get taxed at the airport for a ridiculous amount.

      In regards to computers, (I left SGU the semester before the library opened) you should know that the Grenadian Gov't will tax you like crazy at the airport for computers and electronics. You can get a fake receipt and they won't know the difference. (It's well known that you are supposed to get your customs duties back when you leave Grenada, however, it's also well known that the red tape is so thick that you basically will NEVER see a penny of your money.) Yes, they WILL open ALL your suitcases, boxes etc. right there at the airport. They will cut open boxes (actually, they will make you cut open your boxes) and will not help you reseal those boxes....imagine trying to carry several suitcases and opened boxes of stuff by yourself. Your stuff will get all messed up and they won't care. (enough ranting) If you do not have cash to pay them on the spot, they WILL confiscate your items until you pay them the tax. Make sure you have several hundred dollars of CASH when you arrive so that you can pay for your bike and computer.

      When I was there, they had a "Note Service" in which lecture notes from previous semesters were available at the copy center. I don't know if they have current semester lectures now that they updated the system.

      Do you have housing already? The Upper True blue dorms look like yuppie condos, very sweet. I didn't stay there. My buddies did. I lived at Maffiken apts for $500/month.

      Do you know any thing about Grenada? If not, go to the International Bound (or was it the International) section and do a search for International schools, SGU. I wrote a long post about my experiences with the classes, the hospitals, the people and the day in and day outs of living in Grenada and St know about St Vincent right? Of course not, SGU didn't tell me about St Vincent when I matriculated, so why should they tell you? Check out my posts.

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