COMSAE Phase 2 103b Correlation

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Jun 8, 2019
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Took this yesterday and scored 530. Pretty shook right now since test is next week. Anyone know if this is predictive at all or should I push my exam?

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Where did you get 102b from? I only see 103b for phase 2 as being available for purchase
Yea we are talking about 103b

can you comment about the similarity of the question style of the test compared to the comsae?
Tbh I was half dead taking the COMSAE and the actual COMLEX... I already took step 2 and was originally scheduled for COMLEX a week after, but had to postpone for 5 weeks because of Prometric. I think COMSAE was a bit more difficult than the real thing, but they're not that different. Pretty similar to COMAT questions with a dose of wtf left field questions here and there.
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COMLEX Level 2 CE: 630

Scores came out today! Absolutely ecstatic! N=1 but it didn't seem 103b was predictive at all. Took this a couple days before the actual thing and the only benefit I can see was that it scared the S*** out of me and forced me to review biostats, ethics, and OMM for the last 3 days.

Some caveats:
I was super burnt out from Step 2 and if I'm being honest, I did take the COMSAE very lightly. Finished without double checking and about 40 minutes left on the entire practice test. I used every second on the actual thing even though I finished each "section" of 44Qs with ~8 minutes left. Before taking COMSAE, I did not review biostats since taking Step 2 the month prior and OMM COMAT 2 months prior. I still don't see how 3 days of reviewing can yield a 100 point increase.

TLDR: Don't put too much weight on it and just use it as practice
congrats my man and thanks for coming back to tell us how it went. would be very happy with similar results. best of luck this cycle. would you mind commenting about how step 2 went in terms of practice test vs nbme because that is what is really stressing me. Feel free to PM if you dont want to post scores.

Thanks! Check my previous posts. I posted a small writeup/summary in the step 2 CK experience thread with all my practice test scores and the actual thing.